of the Manager of TOKMET EOOD for the Quality Policy

Tokmet - TK EOOD is a company founded in 1989 as a company focused on innovations and excellence in the field of dental technologies. The past time since the establishment of the company gives us reason to believe that we have established our name as a manufacturer of high quality products, valued in all parts of the world. Our main area of ​​activity is the design, manufacture, trade and maintenance of equipment used in dental laboratories.
The management of the company assumes its responsibility in the construction, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, declaring the following basic principles enshrined in the quality management policy:
Orientation to clients and other interested parties - we are aware that the prosperity and stability of the company depend on our clients and we strive to satisfy their needs to the maximum extent, observing the current legal and regulatory requirements;
Leadership - we are aware of our responsibility to maintain working systems. We create appropriate conditions, stimulating the employees of the company for full participation in the quality management processes, as well as manifestation of initiative in the implementation of the activities related to them;
Commitmentsy to personnel- we believe that the most valuable resource of the company are people. We strive to create an atmosphere in which people are motivated, satisfied and fully committed to achieving the company's goals;
Factual approach to decision making - decisions are based on current and accurate information. The implementation of a working system for communications and management of documented information creates conditions for making the right decisions;
Process approach - the products created by the company are the result of interconnected main and additional processes, which are considered and managed as a system, not independently;
Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and stakeholders - based on the principle that in the production of high quality product must invest quality materials, services and equipment, the company chooses as its partners suppliers offering only high quality supplies;
Improvements for a higher level of quality - through continuous monitoring and analysis of processes in the company and taking effective corrective measures, management aims to continuously improve quality.
To achieve its main goal - the implementation of high quality services that best meet the requirements of our customers - the company's management sets the following goals:
Maintaining an optimal price / quality ratio;
Continuous improvements in existing products, as well as design and development of new, innovative products;
Increasing the interest of stakeholders and providing new markets in order to increase the total volume of sales and investment revenues;
Introduction of new technologies and equipment;
Personnel development, increasing their motivation and competence;
Improving the working conditions in the company;
The management of the company guarantees that:
The organization has the necessary resources to build, maintain and develop a quality management system;
Takes care that the introduced system functions efficiently and in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.